Thursday, 8 November 2012

Lost my pal today

Max 1998-2012
Sorry this post has nothing to do with painting or figures, Its for me
Came home from work today to find my best little pal had died, peacefully. I'm completely gutted by this, I'm trying to console myself he had a great life, was never ill, always healthy, and playful, well looked after and well loved by all the family. He was always with me in the house,  near me if i painted or was working. Always purring, and knocking my figures over or pulling the brushes out of the cup. When he was young the house was a fly and spider free zone he made sure of that. For something so small his loss has left a huge hole in my life, he may be gone but he will never be forgotten
R.I.P My friend
Max and me


  1. That´s sad. Sorry to hear that. :-(
    My condolances

  2. Thanks Paul its much appreciated

  3. Lost mine the same day, know exactly where you're coming can't cut a square grave with your eyes full of water. Hope they met on the way and knocked on 'The door' together.


  4. I'm getting caught up on reading blogs and saw you lost your pal a couple weeks ago. Sorry to hear that, Sean. It seems a bunch of us lost out pets recently. :-(

    Last Friday, we had to put our 18.5 year old to sleep. Hardest and saddest decision I ever made. My wife held her as the vet sedated her. Man, that was hard. We just petted and kissed her head. That's when I lost it. Still tears me up. Her food and water dish are still where they always sit. BTW I also had to post about it on my blog.

    Hang in there.


  5. Hi Bob, been away just noticed your post, left a comment on your page, thank you for your kind words and care, i'm so sorry to hear about your loss... they may be gone but they will never be forgotten. Take care its nice to know people who care still exist in this world