Sunday, 16 September 2012

My First English Rgiment for the 45'

This is my attempt at Barrels 4th of foot, later to become the Kings Own. I need a new camera instead of my phone, not happy with the way they look. They look much better in the flesh so to speak. As usual the figures are Pendraken 10mm. Finding a new way to paint so i don't get  bogged down, I mix up figures from different periods. Works for me.
Hope you like them, have a great week ahead.


Sunday, 9 September 2012

As promised some pics of my 10mm Carthaginian troops

These are some of the figures from the 10mm Carthage army pack from Pendraken, beautiful figures. The pics don't do them real justice, used my camera phone, still got quite a few left to base, so not the full pack here

Citizen heavy infantry

Medium infantry

Do I need to say haha

Hope you like them, I will build this army up with other units when time allows

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sorry its been a while

I've not been lazy, but have been furiously (well for me anyway) painting up a 10mm Carthaginian army pack,  that I bought at claymore. And of course they are Pendraken figures, the new updated range.
And yesterday saw me at the   Border Reivers Wargames show this year at the new venue, the sports hall at Gateshead international stadium. A great show as always well organised and very friendly. My only gripe a little too warm and no food, only minor things, all in all a great day. Our club Tyneside wargames Group put on another huge 10mm samurai battle, good fun.
And as usual I had to invest in in more figures, i bought Pendraken's new Republican Roman  arny pack (grrrr damm you and your fantastic figures haha). was so tempted to buy more, but in the end went cold turkey and bought no more after one 10mm fix, I also bought some paint.
I will post some pics hopefully this week. Hope this post finds you all happy and well,
take care for now