Sunday, 24 February 2013

Vampire lord & A Pirate

Hope you all have had a good week, mine has been hectic didn't get a chance to post anything last week, busy with real life, and work realted issues.... So had a booze soaked weekend instead. A little poorer (not in the workhouse yet) More brain cells destroyed but Damm had a great time!!!!!!

So my first distraction figure a Pirate...good songs...good booze...good fights....good booty.... ARRRRGH Where do i sign up
The Figure is from Black Cat Bases ltd, I saw it and it screamed buy me so parted with my doubloons, and really enjoyed painting him.

My second distraction figure was a Vampire lord, again from Black Cat Bases ltd and once again screamed but me, and once again i really enjoyed painting him, sorry pics aren't very good (hides the painting) but used my phone will try better lighting next time

Well i hope you enjoy the pics... hope you all have a great week

Friday, 8 February 2013

Hi all

I will try to post some things this weekend...sorry but been so busy i haven't had much time to do anything really. Did manage to paint 2 distraction figures i bought from Black Cat Bases, I'll post some pics this weekend.
WOW over 6000 pageviews too... a huge thanks to everyone who takes the time and trouble to visit my pages
Have a great weekend
all the best