Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Merry xmas to one and all, hope santa was good to  everybody, and filled your stockings with wargame goodies..

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Clan Grant, and the first New Republican romans

H everyone, been a while so trying to get back into painting again, still finding it a struggle but i'm getting there slowly. So once again and as a tribute to my mother, The Grant clan takes to the field, figures as always 10mm Pendraken

The Mc Donalds are next nearlly finished them, and no its not Ronald Mc Donald before someone asks haha
I've also made a start on my Republican Romans Principes, again from Pendraken. so now i know what I want from Santa

While i'm chatting i've just joined The Battlefields Trust, who do great work in trying to preserve our national military historical sites, so looking forward to getting involved in any way i can. Hope you all have a great week.
All the best

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Lost my pal today

Max 1998-2012
Sorry this post has nothing to do with painting or figures, Its for me
Came home from work today to find my best little pal had died, peacefully. I'm completely gutted by this, I'm trying to console myself he had a great life, was never ill, always healthy, and playful, well looked after and well loved by all the family. He was always with me in the house,  near me if i painted or was working. Always purring, and knocking my figures over or pulling the brushes out of the cup. When he was young the house was a fly and spider free zone he made sure of that. For something so small his loss has left a huge hole in my life, he may be gone but he will never be forgotten
R.I.P My friend
Max and me

Sunday, 14 October 2012

As promised

Once again life has dragged me away from the paint table, but on the plus side been working in one of my favourite cities, Glasgow. finished my second unit of the WOTR my impression of oxfords division

As usual the figures are 10mm pendraken's medival range

A second post,  a while ago i tried my had at making some scenery, some wire armature trees, and my first ever building my impression of the dunker church. (even Mc Alpine's had to start somewhere).

The figures are from my ACW minifigs 10mm with a Pendraken officer (yes guys you got iron brigade figures now mr Pendraken, So i'm not a traitor lol) hope you like them.
Have a great week ahead guys got a feeling i'll be soaked and cold all week
all the best

Monday, 1 October 2012

Still here

Once again real life has taken me from my relaxation and enjoyment. So i will say sorry for my lack of posts (if anyone reads this.... if not i'm talking to myself haha)
I have been a bit of a time traveller in my painting...Republican Romans, last of the Carthaginians, (sounds like a movie title) Wars Of The Roses, Jacobite Highlanders, finished the Grant clan as a tribute to my mother who was Fiercly  proud of her roots, and started the Mc Donalds. Also been reading your blogs with interest too.
Hope you all have a great week

Sunday, 16 September 2012

My First English Rgiment for the 45'

This is my attempt at Barrels 4th of foot, later to become the Kings Own. I need a new camera instead of my phone, not happy with the way they look. They look much better in the flesh so to speak. As usual the figures are Pendraken 10mm. Finding a new way to paint so i don't get  bogged down, I mix up figures from different periods. Works for me.
Hope you like them, have a great week ahead.


Sunday, 9 September 2012

As promised some pics of my 10mm Carthaginian troops

These are some of the figures from the 10mm Carthage army pack from Pendraken, beautiful figures. The pics don't do them real justice, used my camera phone, still got quite a few left to base, so not the full pack here

Citizen heavy infantry

Medium infantry

Do I need to say haha

Hope you like them, I will build this army up with other units when time allows

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sorry its been a while

I've not been lazy, but have been furiously (well for me anyway) painting up a 10mm Carthaginian army pack,  that I bought at claymore. And of course they are Pendraken figures, the new updated range.
And yesterday saw me at the   Border Reivers Wargames show this year at the new venue, the sports hall at Gateshead international stadium. A great show as always well organised and very friendly. My only gripe a little too warm and no food, only minor things, all in all a great day. Our club Tyneside wargames Group put on another huge 10mm samurai battle, good fun.
And as usual I had to invest in in more figures, i bought Pendraken's new Republican Roman  arny pack (grrrr damm you and your fantastic figures haha). was so tempted to buy more, but in the end went cold turkey and bought no more after one 10mm fix, I also bought some paint.
I will post some pics hopefully this week. Hope this post finds you all happy and well,
take care for now

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Huge 10mm Samurai battle

Well.... been a while again, (damm real life) First hi to everyone i'll will be busy catching up with all your blogs. I crossed the border into bonnie scotland as a gamer, and not to work which was a nice change. The show we attended was Claymore up in Edinburgh. I tagged along with some friends of mine from Tyneside wargames group who put on a huge 10mm Samurai battle nearlly 4000 figures on the table we had been painting furiously for weeks. Ive added a few pics hope you like them

The pics aren't very good used my phone to take them. The show itself was very good i enjoyed it very friendly and well organised some great games there. And I got my mojo back for painting 10mm again.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Just had to grab this guys ghouls

If you pardon the punn....had a bad time recently, Painting doldrums i suppose. Saw these figures from Heresy miniatures and had to buy them, painted them really gory. Not too happy with the end result, plus the only camera i have is on my phone. Figs look better in real life

Thanks for looking, hope you like them

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Really enjoying wierd world war two

Historical gamers boo and hiss i'll duck my head into my cape and laugh like a maniac.
I bought a couple of figures from e-bay.... walkers, will use them as dreadnoughts. I enjoyed painting them, first try at camouflage patterns not sure if i like it or not, but its done now.
Next some Russian zombie bombs from westwind, don't know why but i love painting these type of figures

all the above need to have thier bases finished.
Thanks for looking

My 10mm highlanders

Left this unit nameless for now as it will do for the 45' or my ECW, was a pleasure to paint, lovely little figures from Pendraken

WOW Over a thousand pageviews

And eight followers, thanks everyone especially the people who took the trouble to follow my blog. I will update my page, it's been a whil., Sorry about that i've been busy, tried to paint when i've had the time.
First update will be my 10mm highlanders from Pendraken love these little guys

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Hi everyone they say change is as good as a rest, so finished off three new werewolves from black cat bases. I already have a couple from westwind, and one from hastlefree miniatures breaking out of a straight jacket. I'm also finishing a 10mm unit of Pendraken highlanders, just need basing.
Westwind werewolves

Aldorf Hinzler from Reaper minis just had to paint him
Westwind Nazi zombies

Hastlefree miniatures werewolf

Black cat bases werewolves

Sunday, 13 May 2012

10mm work in progress, Samurai and ECW

Sorry for the late post, life catches up with us all. And a huge thank you and welcome to the guys following my page.
The Samurai i have just started, the command base i wanted to represent Ii Naomasa leader of the famous Red Devils (just had to have them) and the first two elements of Samurai infantry, the mounted figures are from Pendraken, and the infantry were made by a very talented friend of mine, Peter Foggin. For a massive game we will put on along with another few of the guys. The battle of Sekigahara with up to 3000 10mm figures we hope.

The english civil war figures are my attempt at the king and queens lifeguard, the flags are hand made