Sunday, 14 October 2012

As promised

Once again life has dragged me away from the paint table, but on the plus side been working in one of my favourite cities, Glasgow. finished my second unit of the WOTR my impression of oxfords division

As usual the figures are 10mm pendraken's medival range

A second post,  a while ago i tried my had at making some scenery, some wire armature trees, and my first ever building my impression of the dunker church. (even Mc Alpine's had to start somewhere).

The figures are from my ACW minifigs 10mm with a Pendraken officer (yes guys you got iron brigade figures now mr Pendraken, So i'm not a traitor lol) hope you like them.
Have a great week ahead guys got a feeling i'll be soaked and cold all week
all the best


  1. Very nice units, the second picture is my favourite!

  2. Great job:-) really like the WOTR


  3. Lived for so many years in Scotland. So much wargaming inspiration