Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Huge 10mm Samurai battle

Well.... been a while again, (damm real life) First hi to everyone i'll will be busy catching up with all your blogs. I crossed the border into bonnie scotland as a gamer, and not to work which was a nice change. The show we attended was Claymore up in Edinburgh. I tagged along with some friends of mine from Tyneside wargames group who put on a huge 10mm Samurai battle nearlly 4000 figures on the table we had been painting furiously for weeks. Ive added a few pics hope you like them

The pics aren't very good used my phone to take them. The show itself was very good i enjoyed it very friendly and well organised some great games there. And I got my mojo back for painting 10mm again.


  1. Finally..I´ve managed to persuade blogger to add me to the followers list.
    That´s one huge looking battle!!

  2. Nice photos! The table is very colourful!

  3. Welcome Paul... yes was great fun to play. Thanks for the comments Phil, Jason, i need to get a better camera i think. but i've got my 10mm hunger back, and half a ton of lead to paint