Saturday, 26 May 2012

Hi everyone they say change is as good as a rest, so finished off three new werewolves from black cat bases. I already have a couple from westwind, and one from hastlefree miniatures breaking out of a straight jacket. I'm also finishing a 10mm unit of Pendraken highlanders, just need basing.
Westwind werewolves

Aldorf Hinzler from Reaper minis just had to paint him
Westwind Nazi zombies

Hastlefree miniatures werewolf

Black cat bases werewolves

Sunday, 13 May 2012

10mm work in progress, Samurai and ECW

Sorry for the late post, life catches up with us all. And a huge thank you and welcome to the guys following my page.
The Samurai i have just started, the command base i wanted to represent Ii Naomasa leader of the famous Red Devils (just had to have them) and the first two elements of Samurai infantry, the mounted figures are from Pendraken, and the infantry were made by a very talented friend of mine, Peter Foggin. For a massive game we will put on along with another few of the guys. The battle of Sekigahara with up to 3000 10mm figures we hope.

The english civil war figures are my attempt at the king and queens lifeguard, the flags are hand made

Friday, 4 May 2012

Sorry for the long Delay in posting been so busy of late, strugling to find time to paint. I did manage to finally finish a unit from a long forgotten project, some 28mm old guard figures from front rank this was my first go at 28mm apart from some warhammer stuff for the kids. scary but i enjoyed painting them, the flag is homemade