Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The 500th Anniversary of the Battle of Flodden

Since I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne This battle is on my doorstep,  and It has always been one of my favourite battles. I went with my youngest son and three good friends of mine. We met up with a huge group on Pipers hill and waited for things to get underway. Wreath laying for the fallen on both sides, A piper who knocked out a few Scottish tunes. Then the bit I wanted Mr Clive Hallam Baker started the battlefield walk. first looking at the weapons used on the day, Pike, cannon balls, billhooks swords and longbow, complete with arrows which in itself was Fascinating amazing technology behind them. Then out onto the battlefield starting with the first action on the Scottish left the ground here being well suited to the pike blocks. I won't bore you with the details, needless to say the few hours we walked and listened flew by. A huge thank you has to go to Clive for such an informative Talk. The field is well worth a visit. Our first thought was why the hell would the scots give up such a commanding postion but all the parts fall into place, one you look at the ground and listen to Clive's narrative of the battle. what surprised me most was a ridge hallway down Pipers hill in the English center at least 20 feet higher than the bottom of the valley virtually invisible to both sides. It was still a strange feeling standing on  ground where 500 years ago so many fell.
The monument to the fallen of both nations top of Pipers hill

A closer look at the wreaths layed on the day

A picture left to right me looking cool haha Peter, Craig. Peter, who all enjoyed the day

Last one, a picture looking from James division on the Scottish right wing over to the English centre, the picture gives an impression of how steep the ground is (nearly killed me to climb it haha)
Hope you liked it. Have a great week
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