Saturday, 24 May 2014

Sorry everyone been a while

Hope everyone who visits my humble corner of the blogasphere is fit and well. Again real life has taken over, and my other passion in life Boxing has taken up most of my time as I run an amateur boxing club with a good friend of mine. We're both fill coaches now so I'm enjoying that getting the kids off the street give them focus and direction.
I've also been suffering from total painters block, can't look at my own figures, haven't picked up a brush for a long time. Hopefully today I'm going to start again haha  I'll keep you posted.
One final thought, and a RANT!!! I have stopped going over as much to the TMP Site due to what I can only describe as systematic Bullying by a few members and directed at one man, who does post on a regular basis, and I must say from my point of view I enjoy his posts some are good others not so  to me, but might be for others. At the end of the Day in modern Society this man has to the right to post what he wants to, without suffering what can only be described as childish taunts and abuse from so called grown men, I should had put that differently, as I class any Bully as a Rat and a Coward. Doesn't matter to me where people do it hiding in a gang or behind a computer screen. If people don't want to read his posts then don't read them its really that simple, stifle him as I have done to those that use bully boy tactics. Ive seen first hand what bullying does to people both adults and children physically and mentally. Rant now over haha now where are my brushes.
Have a great weekend everyone
All the best Sean


  1. Hi Sean,

    I too frequent TMP, and know what your talking about. I totally agree that bullying is wrong, however although the guy isnt breaking any forum rules and he can unearth some gems from time to time, he can be annoying, he could meet the complainers half way perhaps, maybe have a daily roundup post or something with all the links on etc, instead of posting 30-40 different posts every day.

    I havent got involved in the debate but have been watching, its all very silly and childish, but if it were me, i'd certainly tone it down a bit. If nothing else, to keep the peace.


  2. Hi Steve thanks for the comment. Yes that's true, and something for him to think about also. I just had to have a rant about it like you I find it all quite sad. Have a great weekend