Sunday, 25 August 2013

Hi everyone New pics up

As promised I've uploaded some new pics of my Carthaginian heavy Nellies (I call them that because I can't spell Elephants, wink wink). I have a severe case of man flu so i'm under the weather I know you guys know what I mean when I say severe

sorry about the pics still using my phone. The one with the green cloth, the infantry are conversions, simple but the supplied ones were no good.
Hope you like them will post more pics next week.
Take care enjoy the weekend


  1. Very nice looking pachiderms, a great addition to your army!

  2. Nicely done, no such thing as too many hephalumps - but then again, I don't need to muck 'em out!

  3. haha good point, thanks for taking the time to comment guys