Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New year and a huge update

Hi everybody hope the hangovers are doing ok haha...i'm posting this update then going to work on my own hangover. Updates are casualty marker, Clan Mcdonald, Carthaginians foot and horse, Romans, and finally WOTR Infantry royal division hope you enjoy, thanks for looking
I decided to make a casualty marker, not my idea found it on another blog, liked it and wanted one in 10mm instead of using card markers, The reaper is 10mm Pendraken, a 25mm steel washer, and magnetic tape off e-bay. I'm happy how he turned out

Next up another Highland clan the first unit of McDonalds {not ronald McDonald before you ask}

As Always 10mm Pendraken, only a minor moan, no pipers, you got to have pipers with higlanders, but beautiful figures all the same.
Next up Carthage

That finished all the figures from my army pack A work in progress are my veterans below

This first element needs to be based will look better when complete but love the figures, again Pendraken new range

Finally WOTR work in progress men at arms done longbowmen started only one element based and flocked
Thanks for looking hope you enjoyed
all the best Sean



  1. Very nice minis and a clever system!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Phil, much appreciated